Our Work

When the Lee’s Smile charity was created in 2012, one of the key objectives was to raise funds for research into Epilepsy. 

Through the support of our family & friends, not to mention the tireless work of our trustees, we’ve raised over £50,000 for Epilepsy Research which has resulted in the creation of the Lee Johnson Memorial Fund. Monies from this fund contribute towards Research Awards nominated by Epilepsy Research. It’s important for us to know exactly how the proceeds of our fundraising efforts are spent, and the Memorial Fund satisfies this requirement.

We also want to support the amazing work carried out by the NHS in Lee’s hometown, Leeds.

In 2013, we commenced discussions with the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust with a view to upgrading the equipment available to their medical staff in the Neurology Ward. It was apparent that Leeds had fallen significantly behind in terms of available video telemetry equipment, resulting in a waiting list of up to 2 years before a patient with epilepsy could be admitted to the LGI for an accurate diagnosis.

We subsequently raised sufficient funds for not one, but 2 capital investments for state-of-the-art video telemetry equipment to be installed at the LGI.

In 2015, we were delighted to be invited to the opening of TWO Lee Johnson Suites at the LGI – one in the adult’s ward & one in the children’s ward.

The waiting time for examination by video telemetry has been dramatically reduced from the previous 2 years, and we know this has enabled potential lifesaving surgery to take place. We’re eternally grateful to all our supporters who have played an enormous part in turning our dream of having a Leeds based legacy for Lee into reality.

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